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sasquatch teams

Sasquatch Super Bowl will Now be called Yeti Competition
Book lists are taken from YRC, Sasquatch and Otter Award nominees to make this competition accessible to a wide variety of readers

2019 Bellingham School District’s Nominees are:

Title Author Lexile F&P Genre
Pax Sarah Pennypacker 760 Historical/Realistic
Save Me a Seat Sarah Weeks 780 S Realistic
Jasmine Toguchi: Mochi Queen Debbi Mochiko Florence 580 Realistic
Ms. Bixby’s Last Day John David Anderson 800 Z Realistic
A Night Divided Jennifer A. Nielsen 810 Y Historical
The Wild Robot Peter Brown 720 R Science Fiction
It Ain’t so Awful Falfel Firoozeh Dumas 730 Historical
Catstronauts: Mission Moon Drew Brockington T Graphic Novel
The Tapper Twins Go to War Geoff Rodkey 880 U Realistic
Ghost Jason Reynolds 730 Z Realistic
Fuzzy Tom Angleberger 700 Science Fiction
The midnight War of Mateo Martinez Robin Yardi 720 S Fantasy



Practice Quizzes for the YETI Books Competition


*Tip – Print out quiz from the YETI website, and work with your team to answer the questions, then check your work by entering your answers into the online version of the quiz.  Use the book names as written below as the answers to each question.


sasquatch teams

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