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Information Literacy

MAP practice test

Common Sense Media Pre and Post Test

Digital Passport– fifth grade log on protected

Nearpod lessons


Resources for research:   vetted, searchable sites for kids

Google– safe search for kids!

Kiddle-safe search for pics and information

Music downloads creative commons music for media projects

ProQuest and E-Library Culture Grams SIRS


Pixlr- Express- take a picture and edit it~


Internet Safety-be safe at home and at school while on the Internet:


NetSmartKidzlearn about Internet Safety

Interland– learn how to be a good citizen in a digital world


In an increasingly digital world, it’s important for our students to be healthy, active individuals.  Maintaining a healthy balance and open communication with students about online resources and media use is more important than ever. We are building a list of technology resources for families, including links to Common Sense Media and, which includes a media time family pledge. From Family Media Agreements to the#DeviceFreeDinner, these sites have great suggestions and resources to kick off family conversations about balance and healthy choices in use of digital technologies.


Student email Outlook Web App– for Office 365–

type in your email address which is:

your computer logon with the 000’s

then type in your computer password.


SBA Test Training as guest


SBA Skills Needed for all students:

  1. Mouse Skills
  2. Navigation
  3. Drag and Drop
  4. Keyboarding


 First  and Second Grade Tech Skills-

Mouse Practice-

Magical Capitals-grammar and capitalization

Keyboarding Practice

KeySeeker- typing program for primary kids

 Keyboard Climber-typing program for primary kids


Navigation Skills

Dinosaurs nonfiction ebook


3rd, 4th and 5th grade Tech Skills-

Mouse Practice-Drag and Drop

Mouse Tutorial

Math Maven Mysteries– solve the mysteries using logic and number sense

Highlighting Text students will  listen to the directions and practice highlighting text.

Grade 3 Proofreading Makes Perfect- correct grammar, spelling and puncutation Students will need to practice highlighting text, and placing cursor in specific locations in the text.

Word Mover from ReadWriteThink “magnetic” poetry type activities

Drag n Drop Math from Mr. Nussbaum

Multiplication Game from Helping with Math (contains links to many other math games)


Grade 4 Proofreading Makes Perfect-correct grammar, spelling and puncutation.  Students will need to practice highlighting text, and placing cursor in specific locations in the text.

Mouse Clicking Skills– timed activities to click on objects

Spelling Bees students practice their speed and accuracy of using the mouse.



Skill and Drill practice

Typing Club  follow sequential format for improving a variety of typing skills.

Math Quiz to improve their multiplication fluency while practicing using the number key pad.



Writing into fields-

The Friendly Letter Creator, students will practice typing into fields.
Esperanza Rising will allow students to respond to prompts by typing into fields.

Study Jams– Play a video, use navigation tools, and learn!

Story Starters, students will use a variety of navigation skills including locating hotspots, toggling to advance to next screen and
typing into fields to create a story.


Search Sites for research based projects



Learn How to Research – plan/research/create/present

Web site evaluation criteria

Web Site check list for teachers

Site Evaluation

You decide which sites are hoaxes or legitimate


Citation Sites- Learn how to cite your sources:

Copyright Kids!

KidBIB– easy fill in the blank bibliographical templates for books, magazines, encyclopedias, websites etc.

Paraphrasing– how to put things into your own words

Synonyms to help with paraphrasing

Dewey Decimal System–learn how the nonfiction section is organized:

MIKIDS– Nonfiction Dewey classification


Project Resources

World Book Online – Early World of Learning

World Book Online – Kids

World Book Online – Student

note: for World Book resources, username = bellingham, password=bellingham


Picture Resources

Creative Commons-shared sources for free use

Photos For Class-the quick and safe way to find and cite pictures for class

Pics 4 Learningappropriate gallery of pictures that are copyright friendly for students to use for research

Picsearch – many more kid friendly pictures to use in research

Pics for Projects


1)    All databases can be reached from one website:


2)    Available Databases:

  1. ProQuest
  2. eLibrary Curriculum Edition
  3. eLibrary
  4. ProQuest Learning: Literature
  5. History Study Center
  6. SIRS Discoverer
  7. CultureGrams


3)    Username: 97-36087

4)    Password: bigchalk



Links to the Blog Series: