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Social Studies Sites for biography project timelines. Students can create, save and re-access from their H-drive anytime. Very user-friendly!

Discover Kids logon using Office 365 accounts

NEWSELA– current events around our world

PebbleGo– biographies

National Geographic for Kids explore our world!

Jobs and careers watch videos about jobs from A-Z

Free Rice



Geography Bee sites:

National Geography Bee Info– lots of sites to practice with

GEOglobe– interactive geography/quizzes

What do you do with Geography– watch the video and see what kinds of jobs use geography

Quizlet– take a quiz on Geography with flash cards

National Geographic GeoBee daily quiz

Geospy– cool geography games

The Geography Guide maps and mulitple links to guide you through the journey of geography

Current Events

Holiday/Social Celebrations

Enchanted Learning-activites for Veteran’s Day

NEA-Veteran’s Day Activites- lessons and videos

Scholastic First Thanksgiving– watch videos, learn about the daily life of the Pilgrims 

BrainPop-How people celebrate New Year’s around the world


Seattle Times- Civil Rights/Martin Luther King Jr.- lots of information about Black History Month and MLK

Martin Luther King Jr.sites for teachers

“I have a dream” speech audio and video


USA for Kids – Information on President’s Day

President’s Day activities– printables etc.

Learn about the Presidents– search by name in order of service



Washington State

Bellingham, Whatcom County, Communities

U.S. History



Native Americans