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Science Sites

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PebbleGo- research animals, earth and weather

Learn About Water- water cycle and environmental awareness

NASA- Picture Dictionary

Chris Hadfield astronaut’s website


National Geographic online magazine


Researching a topic can be an exciting learning adventure!
Before you begin your research it is a good idea to review the Research Cycle or Big6 Research Cycle

Most projects need a bibliography. Click Bibliography Format to find out how to make one!

Use the sites below to find your information.
Observe copyright laws by copying only keywords and phrases!

EARTH DAY-site with brief exlpanation and games

Global Warming-select the video to match the interest or age level of the viewer



Energy Quest- Science Projects -what is needed to create a good science fair project?

Science Buddies: -clear explanations on how to get started on a science project!

Branches of Science: Science Fairs

Science Fair Sites

Exploring Nature                            

Pacific Science Center

Science Explorer


Exploring Nature

FOSS web site for primary

Grades 3-5 FOSS