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Holiday Sites:

Valentine’s Day– Conversation Heart jigsaw puzzle

Squigly’s Online Easter Activities

Build a Snowman

Make a Snowflake!


Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe



Origami site-learn how to fold all types of animals

Origami For Kids– Learn how to fold all types of objects

Capstone Kids– great crafts step by step!


Music Sites:

American Music History collection of American artists and their music

See Hear and Sing– Stories of America


Tech Art Sites:



Adventures with art-projects and activities


Arts and Crafts Videos– watch and learn how to draw and do origami

Free Rice
Click on Subject, Famous Paintings, and guess the artist!

Artist’s Toolkit



Impressionist Sites:

Guide to Impressionistic Art- learn about Impressionism

Impressionist Artists– quick guide for basic information with examples of each artists work..nicely laid out