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“Every Bear’s Garden”




Roosevelt (2nd-5th):

And some tips from Common Threads for filling out the survey: 

IMPORTANT: this pre-test/post-test DOES NOT need to be completed by K’s and 1st graders

IDENTIFIER: we need to be able to match up their pre-test and post-test

  • Students should enter their username/ID that they use for computer labs 
  • If students do not have a username (e.g. students in 2nd grade) please have them enter their first and last names (e.g Annie Smith)  in the space where it asks for username 
  • Please check this piece – it is so important for us to get this part accurate!


  • Please make sure that students know this is not part of their grade, and that we take their answers seriously! We want to keep improving their experience in school gardens and cooking in the classroom, and this will help us do that. 
  • Students should pick what they think is the best answer. 

THANK YOU for your help in collecting this information – our partnership with AmeriCorps relies on it!