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Mean, Mode, Median, Range
Tic-Tac-Toe Math Facts
Multiplication Game
Math Games for + – X /
That’s a Fact!
Math Brain Teasers
Math TV (super challenge!)



Food Chain
learn about how the food chain works

What is Energy?
The Sun is our Source
Types of Energy
Virtual Pendulums
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy for Kids
Our Solar System
Welcome to the Planets
Lots of Space Links


 Mountain School Sites- 

North Cascades National Park Information Page
scroll down to animals

Animals of the North Cascades
North Cascades National Park
Nature Mapping-Mammal Facts for Kids
from Washington Nature Mapping Program
If you see a word highlighted in the description
of your mammal,
try clicking on it.
It may lead to more information.

Animal Diversity– type in your animal,then scroll
down the results until you find the particular species.

Sharing Our Watersheds
City of Bellingham
Water Education Program

Use the links to gather information on a water pollution source.

Oil & Gas

The 13 Colonies

The Time Page 
13 Colony Chart 

Colonial Times

Colonial House –

Colonial Williamsburg Slideshows –

Colonial Williamsburg–.

Colonial Occupations –

Revolutionary War

Charters of Freedom — .

Link directly to:

Declaration of Independence
information & activities

Constitution information & activities

Bill of Rights information & activities

Liberty! The American Revolution —

Reading Comprehension
Cause and Effect

Reference Sites
Student Dictionary
Dictionary and Thesaurus
Rhyming Dictionary

Social Studies

European Explorers
Facts about our 50 States
More 50 State Facts
Quick State Facts
Flags of the States
U.S. History Documents
Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution

 Biography Sites

America’s Library- learn about

famous Americans